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In case you hadn't noticed.

The forum is down

Just stating the obvious.

The Sunn Forum Has Moved

The forum can now be accessed at

Can't access the Sunn forum since recent software "improvements"

What gives? Three computers in this house and not one can access the forum, yet I can from a friend's computer at another location.
Using Firefox I get the following error msg : The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.
I.E. spews out similar dire warnings.

412 cab

I have a 412 staggered cab. It has a angled front baffle (from top to bottom)with the speakers on the outside, removable grill(cloth seems correct for the late60s>70s) and a angled rear lower panel with wheels(seems tippy if you ask me). No id marks or stamps anywhere. Is this a real SUNN cab? It sounds was part of what I received in trade for a 65' Bandmaster and I am wondering if I got screwed/lied to.. It has good vintage PYLEs in it so at least thats worth $200.

This site is either fake or so shitty nobody uses it.

Really. Took me 20 minutes to figure this crap out.

Catalog Info needed

I've been trying to collect info from the years before Fender bought Sunn. My intent is to document what years various models were offered. Still looking for info from the following years: 71, 73, 76, 77, 78, 80, 81 and 83. In some of these years there was a separate Sound Reinforcement catalog and that info is usefull too. There are probably also some Lighting catalogs, although there is not very much interest in those products here. So if you have a catalog from one of the missing years, send me a PM so we can fill in the missing years.


So, I've been promoted to Global Moderator. So far I have no idea what that means. I don't seem to have any powers. Maybe it's just an honorary position. I've been looking for new buttons to push and haven't found any so far.

Not About You

I am a new member of this site. I have a '72 412s with 2 original transducers plus 2 replacement speakers, not sure if they're transducers( no stickers), and a Studio Lead with a Realistic 15" speaker in place of the 12's or 10's that were originally in it. I love the look and sound of Sunn amps. I bought the 412s new in '72 so that should give you an indication of my age...about all for now...oh yeah, I'm waiting for another Studio Lead with 2-10's to arrive-can't wait to try it I'm done....

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SUNN 1200S

Information about the SUNN 1200S.

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