Don't panic - the sunn site is still here!

We're just rearranging the furniture a bit to make the site more useful.
Just click the link above that says "classic sunn site" to see the site as it was before, or use the "sunn site file browser" link in the menu at the left to access the entire collection of folders and files that made up the previous site layout.


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phew! I was worried there

phew! I was worried there for a sec!

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I'm up on here aswell and an

I'm up on here aswell and an avid Sunn player. I used to have a Sunn T 100 Head 100 watt re-issue and let it go for $550 I have never regreted something more. I'm looking at a T 50 C combo amp to replace it in a store where i got the T100. They are really hard to find and that IS MY TONE for sure. I've tried everything to get it and it really is something to be heard. People used to come up to me and say "what is that your playing, the tone you get is unreal" yea thats the sunn....."what" they say.....that concert PA my brother used to dumb ass the re-issue stuff that you could depend on. Although I haven't tried the 1200 series I am really eager to hear what you out there have to say about getting one for the distorted tone. I play that old school punk like the Sex Pistols, Dead Kiss and ZZ Top, AC/DC ect...I just had that for about 2 years and now I'm lost...............................Dave Nowhere

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The sunn forum link now goes

The sunn forum link now goes to a "page not found", as does the "classic site" link... :(

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Not to worry

I've been in the process of moving the site to a new server. I think most everything has made the trip at this point, but if anything else seems to be missing or messed up, by all means give a yell and I'll get it fixed.