This site is either fake or so shitty nobody uses it.

Really. Took me 20 minutes to figure this crap out.


Problems accessing the discussion forum

Although this is not a "high traffic" website it is very real and is without a doubt the best site on the internet for information both technical and otherwise about Sunn equipment.

I don't know what the technical difficulty is that prevents me from accessing the forum, but I wish someone would fix it or, if the problem is on my end, clue me in on what to try to do about it.

I miss visiting the forum every couple of days or so to see what's going on in the world of Sunn.

One thing different that I see is that this dialogue box (or whatever) comes up whenever I log on to the site.

"Electric Bass Lessons Beginners or Advanced
Guitars 'n Jazz Amps Large selection of Jazz Amplifiers. AER, Henriksen, JazzKat, Rivera.
Guitar Speaker Cabinets 1x12 & 2x12 custom colors. Authorized Celestion dealer.
Loading... "

Michael (Pickinatit)