412 cab

I have a 412 staggered cab. It has a angled front baffle (from top to bottom)with the speakers on the outside, removable grill(cloth seems correct for the late60s>70s) and a angled rear lower panel with wheels(seems tippy if you ask me). No id marks or stamps anywhere. Is this a real SUNN cab? It sounds good...but...it was part of what I received in trade for a 65' Bandmaster and I am wondering if I got screwed/lied to.. It has good vintage PYLEs in it so at least thats worth $200.
It seems to be easy to move with the wheels,fits in a trunk. So I will be keeping it. I am just curious if it is a real SUNN.


I have dialogue box that has

I have dialogue box that has the following in it show up on the home page screen every time I try to log onto the website. I don't know if it has anything to do with the problem, but keep getting an "unable to connect" message when I click on the "Sunn Forum" button. Anybody else having problems or is this all on my end?

Here's what comes up on the home page and I can't figure out how to get rid of it:

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