Can't access the Sunn forum since recent software "improvements"

What gives? Three computers in this house and not one can access the forum, yet I can from a friend's computer at another location.
Using Firefox I get the following error msg : The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.
I.E. spews out similar dire warnings.
I have done a superficial search but I'd prefer to avoid reinventing the wheel. Anyone have a relatively simple solution? Is it my OS (XP)? I don't even see a contact for this site. It appears that the lunatics are running the asylum. Hey maybe I'll go to the forum and contact a moderator, but wait, I can't get there from here!
Hey! Who reads these blogs anyway? Hello! Anyone out there?
Unless you have other plans, have a great day!


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Sunn Forum problems

Apparently you have to be using the Safari browser from an Apple platform. I emailed tboy but he is seemingly unwilling or unable to fix it.

Maybe this explains why I can't access Sunn forum
possible site infection. looking the notice over it might explain all these blogs about clothing.
copy and paste the link.