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Capital City Guitars
108 4th Ave E
Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 956-7097

Many thanks to these guys for letting me take pictures of their amps!
(Tell 'em that you were referred to their shop by this site!)


Sunn 412 staggered cab

Mine has a angled front baffle( about 1-2" from the bottom to the top) with the speakers mounted to the outside and the front grill is removable(grill cloth cloth looks right for the late 60s) and a angled lower rear back end with wheels. It sounds great, but is it a real sunn cab? It has no identification on it , but it is old. And I cannot find any others that look like it. Did sunn ever make a cab like this?
The only reason I care is it was some of what I received in trade for a 65' Bandmaster.