Not About You

I am a new member of this site. I have a '72 412s with 2 original transducers plus 2 replacement speakers, not sure if they're transducers( no stickers), and a Studio Lead with a Realistic 15" speaker in place of the 12's or 10's that were originally in it. I love the look and sound of Sunn amps. I bought the 412s new in '72 so that should give you an indication of my age...about all for now...oh yeah, I'm waiting for another Studio Lead with 2-10's to arrive-can't wait to try it I'm done....


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Studio Lead

Got my Studio Lead with the 2-10's-the sound is really crisp-there's also some humming so it needs service, but it still sounds incredible, really tube-like. Can't turn it above 3 or my windows will pop out! Standing in front of the amp( perched on my 412S cabinet,for looks only right now), the sound goes right through my body and I can feel it vibrating my guitar-Wow! Solid state that makes the Crate 65 RFX I sold to finance this seem anemic. I could never get this tone with it, and the spring reverb is just like reliving the 70's(I don't remember the 60's, wink wink). Reverb on 2 is just right for that live sound! I'm in love but not like Jimi-mine is an amp...I have to turn it on at least once a day to see if I'm dreaming.