So, I've been promoted to Global Moderator. So far I have no idea what that means. I don't seem to have any powers. Maybe it's just an honorary position. I've been looking for new buttons to push and haven't found any so far.


Yeah, I got that promotion

Yeah, I got that promotion awhile back for the Conrad and General Discussion areas and I noticed a couple extra things, like I can move posts for instance, but I didn't really ask for it. :) Its ok though, especially since those areas don't get much traffic.

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Forum Spam

Ok, I pushed the Report to Moderator button on the latest spam post and it sent an email to me! If there is a way for me to delete these posts, I wish someone would tell me what it is. Is there a way to block these users? Do they all have the same net address? I just PM tboy and I guess he takes care of everything and moves the post to the recycle forum.

Spam city

I thought that I was in the wrong place what with all the clothing blather. Does all that really sell products? Unbelievable drivel must keep someone occupied.
P.S. please look at my one and only blog ever regarding access to the forum.